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    Full Photoshop and the iPad Pro

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      Last week, Celsys introduced their popular Clip Studio Paint app to the iOS,  an almost identical port of the desktop app, which in some areas runs better than the desktop app.  In the past few months,  we've seen graphic apps like Affinity Photo,  and Sketchbook really up the art game on the iPad ecosystem.  I really would love to see Photoshop make the move to the iPad too.  Its disappointing to see that it hasn't happened yet.  There's really no reason for it to not happen.  The devices are capable of handling it.  Yes,  I know there's apps on the iOS from Adobe that utilize elements from Photoshop,  but it is really not the same.  And in the case of Photoshop Sketch, it can't handle file sizes needed for professional projects yet.  I love Adobe products,  however, I do think you guys are rapidly losing ground to the competition.

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          I've been using procreate on the ipad pro, and I love it in conjunction with PS on the desktop. I can start a sketch or digital painting on the ipad, and save it to the icloud as a PSD file. Then I can do things to it on the desktop in PS with my killer editing machine, and then later open it again seamlessly on the ipad. I'm also going to get a copy of Affinity for the ipad and maybe even the desktop for 360 photo editing.


          I kind of like that there are different tools and alternatives that actually work together.