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    can't sign in with chrome - win 10

    leslie wand Level 2

      can sign in with edge, but want to with chrome (my default browser)


      get to log in screen, fill in detais (correct) - new, blank page comes up with this address:


      Adobe ID Provider


      what to do?



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Hi Leslie.


          I just logged in to my Adobe account using Chrome, but I have had some weird stuff happening with Chrome and Firefox recently.  Is there a browser reset?  A back to defaults setting?  Is it anything to do with being redirected by location?  What country are you in?


          Not a whole lot of help I am afraid, but I don't think it is the Adobe server.


          Adobe ID

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            leslie wand Level 2

            hi trevor. i'm in Australia...


            this reply is via edge since i'm still experiencing problems with chrome. chrome was working fine till a couple of days ago, but then starte doing as in my first post.


            not sure what or where things are going amiss, other than log in returning blank page does seem to indicate adobe problem with chrome? unfortunately i'm not tech enough with browsers to even begin to know where to start looking. fortunately I don't often post to this forum but do learn an awful lot reading it.


            here's hoping for some resolution...

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              Same problem. When I try to sign in with chrome, the sign in page lists my email address but faded out, so that I can't change it and when I type into the password box nothing appears. I can sign in five with Safari or on any other computer.