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    Stranger Things 2 / Batman Forever Title Text Light Rays

    rickyj89135955 Level 1

      I know this title sounds funny, but I have been trying to figure out how they did the light rays in the text at the 4:30 mark.

      Honest Trailers - Batman Forever - YouTube


      The Stranger Things 2 intro had an effect with the actual "2" in the opening and when I try using light rays on the text it stays within the text box.

      I first did it on the text and then tried on an adjustment layer and still no dice. 


      I did a similar with the echo effect, but I hate that the lines are not smooth.

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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          Problem might be that your using a text box.  Maybe precomposing will fix? Maybe continuous rasterization will fix?  Cant tell you anything by looking at a cropped shot of your preview window.  Need to see your settings.

          Or you could just find a tutorial.  It could be challenging (in a good way)  to try and figure things out on your own but on the other hand when you follow a good tutorial you sometimes learn alot more than you intended to


          Advanced 3D Light Rays in After Effects! - YouTube

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            eFirst, cropped screenshots that don't show the modified properties of the layer that is giving you problems are pretty useless. Press the U key twice then printscreen and paste to the forum.


            Second, to achieve this look:

            Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.19.57 PM.png

            There are several options. Using AE's built-in features.you will need a text layer filled with something less than white and Bevil Alpha applied to give the type some edges. Then you need a duplicate of that type layer filled with the color of your light rays, Radial Blur set to zoom and high quality and some Glow to enhance the look. Switching the green fill to a green stroke (check the Character Panel) will give you a different look so play around until you get what you want. The comp would look something like this:

            Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.39.15 PM.png

            You might even need to add some blur. I liked the more subtle look given by using a stroke on the text. You may prefer to use a fill. What makes the overlay work is the Screen blend mode. The edges show up on the white text because the fill color is not white. You should be able to exactly create the look I have created here by simply duplicating the settings revealed in the timeline. Those are the only values I modified.


            You can mess with CC light rays if you want but you'll have to pre-compose your text layer first and you are going to run into problems because the radius is so small that you really only get a little point of light and it will never cover the entire string of words.


            If you have some $$ then there are quite a few 3rd party plug-ins that will do this a lot faster and better. The most famous and most often used is Trapcode Shine. You can get it from Red Giant Software - Trapcode Shine | Download the free trial here.