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    "Set Leading" glitch update

    yonore Level 1

      There has been an update that has fixed the biggest issues that I've seen with the set leading problems. For the most part the update brought the set leading tools stability and resolved issues plaguing this tool.


      One significant note regarding the set leading, it might be minor for many or some but I find it to be a major hindrance on efficiency. Before the major update, I could quickly highlight my text / paragraph, then click into the set leading box and hit the down or up arrow keys and it would adjust in real time. Set leading no longer does this, as you have to press enter key in order for the leading change to take effect.

      I would also point out that this has effected all other real time adjustment for character tools such as font size, kerning, tracking and baseline shift. (could be more but these are the major ones that effected me).


      I'm sure many, just hover over the leading icon and adjust with their mouse but even then, the change doesn't effect until you release the left button of mouse and I also find its not as accurate this way.


      I'm hoping there is a solution to be able to use set leading as it operated previously, its a headache and inefficient for myself as this is one of the tools I use daily and frequently, I'm very grateful for the adobe teams hard work at resolving glitches but this is a bit of thorn for me. I know its not major but a real headache in my workflow.


      Please help, thanks in advance, cheers! !