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    Not all files syncing?


      Just started having a play with the new Lightroom CC (cloud based version) and I seem to have stumbled across a sync problem?


      I have uploaded 16 RAW files to an album, in a folder, using the desktop version of the App.


      I have then switched to using the App on my iPhone, and only 9 of the images have synced across.


      The sync status is 'up-to-date' on both devices, so both devices think the sync is complete and I can't see a way to refresh this or force the missing images to re-sync?


      I tried adding a further 7 images to the folder, in hope this would refresh the folder with the sync, but while it has added new images to my iPhone App, only 4 of the 7 were added!


      As I have only just started playing with this new version, I am nowhere near to filling my storage space.


      I have tried the 'Alt'+ Cloud option to see files that haven't synced, but this is empty.


      I am on a brand new MacBook Pro running High Sierra.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance...

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          wibber1978 Level 1



          I've now installed the Lightroom CC App for iPad and I get the same number of synced images as the iPhone version.


          This therefore suggests that it isn't a restriction of the iPhone App, and that maybe it is the Desktop App not syncing the images with both mobile devices?

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            wibber1978 Level 1

            A further update...


            Maybe there is a limit to the file sizes of RAW images, or the combined file sizes per album?


            I have since imported the same images, exported as JPEG's, and these all sync fine.


            Each of the RAW images is about 65Mb in size, so maybe this is the issue???

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              Rikk-Flohr Level 4



              If you log into your LIghtroom CC for Web account by going to http://lightroom.adobe.com are the files there? That will help you narrow it down as to whether it is a desktop client to Creative Cloud sync issue or a Creative Cloud to device sync issue.

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                wibber1978 Level 1

                Hi Rikk-Flohr, thanks for your help.


                It seems like there is an issue uploading to the webs version too.  However, the missing images appear as grey boxes (placeholder images), but again, the sync says it is finished.


                It therefore looks like it is doing the same as the mobile devices, but instead of the mobile devices showing the placeholders, it is just ignoring these 'incomplete images'.

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                  Rikk-Flohr Level 4

                  Is there anything in common about all the files that are failing to sync? Are they all slow motion videos, or from a specific camera or a particular file type?


                  There are some syncing troubleshooting tips located here (scroll down): Known issues and workaround

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                    wibber1978 Level 1

                    Thanks again for your help...


                    I can't see anything in common with the images that will not sync?  The file sizes are consistent and they are from a mixture of two cameras - a Hasselblad H6D and X1D. The ones successfully sync'd are a mixture from the two cameras too.  They are also a mix of landscape and portrait in orientation.

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                      Rikk-Flohr Level 4

                      If you determine which files are missing and you do an edit tweak to one of them, will it tickle it into the system and sync it?

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                        wibber1978 Level 1

                        Unfortunately not, no.


                        Here are a couple of screenshots to show how my desktop client says all the files are sync'd, but how the online version says the file is not sync'd.


                        Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.05.05.png


                        Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.05.34.png

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                          Rikk-Flohr Level 4

                          At this point, I am going to recommend your posting to the support forum and getting an engineer involved. Can you repost the information included here (feel free to include a link to this forum thread)?Lightroom CC | Photoshop Family Customer Community


                          From there, we can involve some Adobe staff directly to find out where the problem lies. 

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                            greule Adobe Employee

                            Hi Mark, do you still have the uploading issues with the Lightroom CC desktop app? -Guido/ Lr Mobile QE

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                              wibber1978 Level 1

                              Hi Greule,


                              Yes, I do still have the problem unfortunately.


                              Any help gratefully received...



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                                greule Adobe Employee

                                Could you  send me a LR CC diagnostic log  - best as a private message with a downloadable dropbox link.


                                You can trigger the log via LR CC preferences -> Account and when you hold down the alt key you will notice a generate diagnostic log button.


                                Thanks in advance.

                                Guido/ Lr Mobile QE


                                btw. have you tried the Lr CC version 1.1 which we release a couple of hours ago?

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                                  Neox99 Level 4

                                  If a syncing issue arises while syncing using a mobile device Tap Pause Sync then Resume Sync. That establishes a new link and often clears a blockage.

                                  In the Desktop version (not web version) press ALT key and click the cloud icon (upper right). Items not completely synced will show there. Screen may be blank indicating syncing is complete.
                                  Click on a Folder / Album / or All Photos (upper left) to return to normal view.

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                                    wibber1978 Level 1

                                    Thanks for the help Greule and Neox99.


                                    I've updated to the new versions of Desktop and Mobile today and uploaded the same files again, but still only 12 of 24 are syncing through to the Mobile version.


                                    I have tried pausing and resuming the sync, but the sync is showing as complete so this doesn't make any difference.  I have also tried viewing any files not synced (Alt + Cloud) and this doesn't show any files.


                                    Greule, I have therefore messaged you the log file, as requested.  Hopefully you can see the last actions of trying to upload 24 RAW files in to a folder called 'Test Import'.  Only 12 are then visible in the Mobile version.


                                    Hoping we can get to the bottom of this one?



                                    Thanks again...