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    Smoothing tool works with pencil but not brush

    Steve221 Level 1

      Using PS CC  v19.0 release.

      When the brush is selected, all smoothing options are grayed out, and cannot enter any values 0%-100%.  Also grayed out (and locked) in brush settings dialog box.

      When pencil is selected everything works fine.  Any ideas?

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          ericman2323 Level 1

          PS version 19.1.3 20180323.r.293 2018/03/23: 1163761 x64


          I am having the same issue with smoothing for brushes and it is driving me crazy. All my brushes are not able to use the smoothing feature in the upper nav bar to the right of Opacity and flow. If I select another tool - say either a pencil or even an eraser, all of the sudden smoothing is no longer greyed out and works fine.

          I have tried enabling and disabling advanced settings for Open CL ect.. and nothing helps. Can someone from Adobe please advise how to correct this?

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Guys we need to rule out basic issues before looking at bugs etc. 

            What brush preset do you have selected?

            Is anything checked in the Brush Settings panel?

            Have you tried resetting the brush tool?  Or better still, reset all tools.

            If all of those points are ruled out, then we need to look for commonalities your setups.

            What operating system are using?

            Have you eliminated third party plug-ins (Start Photoshop while holding down the Shift key).

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              doisdenos Level 1

              The same issue was happening to me. Actually all I had to do was check the "Smoothing" box over the Brush Settings panel. That did the trick for me, hope it works for you as well!



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                ericman2323 Level 1

                Thank You, doisdenos.

                I knew it was something simple but was missing what that simple thing was.
                In light of this, I would like to suggest a feature request for the engineers.
                The gear icon to the right of Smoothing in the upper nav bar gives one the impression that you can control the functionality of Smoothing for the selected tool from this location. It is not immediately apparent that you must first go into the general brush settings to then enable the Smoothing options in the upper nav bar.


                  The feature request I'd suggest combining the existing tooltip with the additional info of "Enable in Brush Settings". This way the tooltip would be "Set additional Smoothing Options - Enable in Brush Settings".


                Thanks to all for responding quickly to my initial post. Cheers!