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    default bullets are indented, shouldn't be

    kmaddox1 Level 1
      I recently converted my RH6 projects to RH7. So far, everything is working well except for one minor problem: all my bulleted and numbered list items are now indented from the left about 18 px. (The bullets and numbers used to be aligned with Normal). To create these lists, I simply styled the paragraph as Normal, then used the bullet and numbered list icons on the RH tool bar.

      Since I don't remember ever setting up a default indent (or lack of one) for bullets and numbers, I'm not sure how to "undo" the indent. That is, where do I define that list-style=decimal and list-style=disc should be aligned left? The Bullets and Numbering form lets me choose the bullet or number style, but not the indent. And since I simply use Normal, I never defined an indent in my style sheet.

      Surely there's an automatic way to un-indent everything--what am I missing?