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    Crop not working with new update


      I have just installed the new Photoshop CC update. I am running Windows 10.

      Adobe Photoshop Version: 19.0 20171103.r.190 2017/11/03: 1143799  x64


      The crop function no longer works. I have tested this on PSD, JPG and other file types. Even the crop tutorial will not let me crop an item.


      Is there a workaround? Or is this known and being fixed please?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I'm not seeing that here with Windows 10.  Can you describe what's happening in more detail?   Have you tried resetting the tool (top left corner of Options bar) or resetting Preferences?

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            phill33697245 Level 1

            I have reset the tool and also the tools preferences but to no avail.


            When I select the crop tool, the usual black lines appear around the edges and mid points of the selected area. Yet when I go to click and drag them (to crop the image) they do not move. I can also neither use the tool to select an area of the image or to move the image within the cropped area. It is as though the entire image/PSD file has been locked and I cannot make any changes to it.


            I have also reset Photoshop and that hasn't worked.

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              phill33697245 Level 1

              After installing a previous version of Photoshop (CC 2017) and trying out other things I have found out that my issue is not limited to the crop tool. I am not able to click and drag on Photoshop. This includes moving layers, using the brush tool, using the marque tool etc. I am able to single click but not hold my mouse button down and drag.


              I have switched mouses and it is still happening. I have checked and my mouse can click and drag in other applications for example within chrome..

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                phill33697245 Level 1

                Issue fixed. Followed instructions online to manually remove all Photoshop preferences etc from computer (even older versions) and reinstall.