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    Is Acrobat digital signature compatible with the French RGS (référentiel général de sécurité) ?


      We have Acrobat Pro XI and we want to answer to a tender from the French governement and they ask us for a digital signature that complies with the Level 2 of the French RGS (référentiel de sécurité).  Do you know if Acrobat digital signature comply with that?  If not, can you help me find a way to get this certificate.  Thanks.

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          Andrea Valle Adobe Employee

          Hello Marie-Christine,

          short answer is yes, Acrobat supports the creation of digital signatures that comply with RGS Level 2 (also known as RGS "Two Star").


          There's an important piece of information to add. A digital signature is a cryptographic function that requires a digital certificate to be calculated. The digital certificate (or Digital ID) is the way to attest your identity through the digital signature.


          Acrobat supports multiple ways to handle a certificate for signatures: you can use a smart card or USB token, you can use file-based certificates and you can even create your own self-issued certificates. However these mechanisms have different legal value: it's clear that if you create your own certificate you can write whatever identity information in it...


          A Level 2 RGS certificate must be based on hardware support and must be issued by an authorized Certificate Authority, an independent identity provider that will proof your identity before issuing a signing certificate including your identity information.


          So in order to apply the type of signature you have been required - in case you don't have one already - you first have to procure one of such RGS** certificate from one of the French Certificate Authorities that you can find listed in our AATL and EUTL pages:

          Adobe Approved Trust List Members, Acrobat

          European Union Trusted Lists


          Please ensure they offer certificates and devices that work with Adobe Acrobat and with your PC's Operating System.


          Kind regards