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    Security of my Digital ID

    magicmasi Level 1

      Hi guys,


      i have a few questions regarding the digital ID.



      Isnt it easy for others to steal someones ID? Faking his signature and so on? How can I protect myself and others against ID Theft ??

      Would love to use ID Signing but still unsure how to manage my security.



      Also what if I lose the document, which holds my ID? Can I create a new one with my name? And if so, cant I fake someones ID like this and Sign with his signature and name? --> it referes to question 1.



      Is there any tool which can manage this document which holds my ID within itself? Because you could basically steal that document, migrate it into your system and use that someones ID.... ?


      3.1. Would a smart card or any 2 way authentication option help here to protect myself?


      3.2 If the 2 way authentication would work and I need some counter part to verify myself for any signatures at all, cant my signature still be stolen?


      Greetings and would appreciate the help,