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    Performance with different GPUs


      Background - I have two desktop PCs, the primary one has an nVidia 8800GT (512MB) video card and the other has an AMD V4800 (1GB) card. The second PC is now surplus to requirements and will be sold. Benchmarks suggest that the V4800 is a bit better, performance-wise, than the 8800GT.



      Question - Should I swap the V4800 card into the PC I am keeping? Would the V4800 give a noticeable performance increase in Photoshop and Lightroom? I know both of these cards are old, and a more modern one would give better results but as the V4800 is available effectively for free should I swap it over to the PC I am keeping? - Would I see any significant improvement to warrant fiddling about swapping cards, getting DisplayPort adapters, etc?


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Answering my own question...


          I suppose I wanted someone to say there's no significant performance gain, but sadly no-one did. :-( More reading suggests that the V4800 supports OpenCL better, so as well as raw 'horsepower' there might be a benefit there. I'll do a couple of tests.