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    Photoshop not saving files


      Hello. I have the photoshop adobe cloud 2018 app. When I open any file and then rename the file and save to ,my desktop it is not saving and then above is freezing up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          When I open any file and then rename the file

          Please explain the above.  Photoshop open files into Photoshop as a Photoshop Document and thaT Document name is read only.  The Document's backing file is the file you opened.  If you rename that file on disk you more or less have deleted the open document's backing file. Why would you want to do that?.   You should be able to save the open document as some image file type Photoshop supports as a new file on your desktops.  You state that your  Photoshop freezes when you try to save the document as an image file on you desktop.  Do you need to terminate Photoshop or does Photoshop unfreeze and can be closed down?  Are you using Windows or OSX?