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    Help... please!?

      Hey ,

      I am using CS3 Flash and i have been for sometime.

      This is the issue:

      Everytime I creat a new symbol be it movie clip or graphic and I try to do a simple motion tween like for instance <insert symbol on timeline and change alpha to 0 them move down ten fames and make alpha 100>
      My tween is not broken but the darn thing won't do anything... on the stage it will animate properly but when I go to test movie it's like there is no tween!! AHHH.

      I check and double check all things I could think Of included the symbols timeline being the same as Scence 1 ...Making sure that do not export hiden layers os on ... everything ... . i am going to cry... This project is due end of day and I can just feel my head spining...