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    After Effects - Extremely Slow scenes

    Abando Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm loving the developments with Character Animator in the past few weeks.  Many thanks to all the team.


      I've just started bringing scenes from CC to After Effects and - well, After Effects is moving S--L--O--W....


      Everything lags to a huge extent.  I'm working with a Surface Pro and my Character Animator scene is recording at 24fps.


      When I bring it in, it becomes near impossible to work with, it goes that slowly.


      Are there any tips - for instance, in music/sound, a lot of programs have a function called "Freeze" that allows the computer to process a layer of sound with plug-ins and freeze it/momentarily render it, so the computer doesn't have to use all this processing power each time.

      It may be more of an After Effects question, but is there a way to do this with After Effects?  At the moment it's moving so slow, it would be impossible to do any video editing without the patience of a saint and all the time in the world.




      Many thanks,