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    Resizing of images?


      Does anybody know if you can re size images ( for photo competitions ) in the new Lightroom CC ?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since Lightroom is a nondestructive editing environment, it is not possible to change the size of the master or original image. However, if you go to the File->Save to menu you can choose a custom size and specify the number of pixels for the long side of the image when making a new copy.


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            pschefz Level 2

            so far the export options are very limited, jpeg or raw only....when choosing jpeg, you can select full size or small, there is also the option to enter the exact pixel dimensions via the long side, which should be what you are looking for....unless you need to save as tiff of course.....

            an pretty easy way to export single images is of course to open the image in PS and export as (.....) and just close out of the image without saving....that way there is no edited tiff in the cloud......

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              karens67254452 Level 1

              Thanks I need them a particular size for camera club competitions. Unfortunately I’m only subscribing to Lightroom CC so will maybe have to look at an alternative?

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                pschefz Level 2

                i thought the LRCC subscription comes with PS as well?

                maybe classic is the better choice for you?

                if you know the exact size you need for the competition, you should be able to export from CC using jpeg with exact pixel dimensions?

                what is the competition asking for?

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                  karens67254452 Level 1

                  Unfortunately Lightroom CC I subscribed to with 1TB of cloud storage doesntbinclude PS!

                  My camera club hold PDI competitions ( projected images ) which must be JPEG sRGB colour space with a max pixel width of 1400 and height of 1050. I am a novice and trying to get my head round lots of info at the moment. Up until now, I used to use the photo app on my Mac , but now wish to do a bit more!!

                  Thanks for your help.

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                    pschefz Level 2

                    so you need an exact crop and resize.....

                    LR CC does save sRGB jpeg and you could use the 1400pix setting to export.....i guess everything else would depend on your crop....

                    but if it HAS to be exactly 1400x1050, LR CC is not a good solution right now.....

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                      karens67254452 Level 1

                      Cheers I wish I’d have known before subscribing! Oh well maybe I won’t both with the competitions!!