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    Couple of questions: head movement & dangle


      Hey friendlies,


      I've nearly finished my first puppet I just have a couple of issues. The first is I can't get the head to move like in the Chloe puppet for example, and the head just stays fixed in line with the body of my character as I move back and forth. I've tried moving the head tag thing to the base of the chin like on Chloe but doesn't seem to make any difference.


      The other issue I'm having is with the dangle behavior. My character has a cloak on, and I would like the very bottom of the cloak to dangle but not the whole thing. I tried doing just the part I want to dangle on separate layers, but it created obvious tearing (for lack of a better word). So then I tried applying Dangle to the whole coat, and experimenting with the Pin and Stick tools to see if they would help section off just the bottom of the coat to be effected by the dangle but more or less ended up just creating more strange problems.


      The base of the character body has two fixed points so the character doesn't spin when I move, but with the dangle applied to the coat the coat then flies off the body as I move side to side. The Pin tools sort of helped but then the coat started separating at the neck of the character.


      Hope these descriptions of my problems help answer these questions :3