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    Long Render times for Previews in Premiere Pro CC (2018)


      I am in the midst of taking old videos and cleaning them up for TV Broadcast, and I use the dynamic link to create new AE comps to remove grain and key the footage, then edit the actual footage in Premiere Pro. Naturally this leads to a red timeline and skipped frames. The problem comes when I render the previews ( about 10 min sections at a time) it can take upward of 6 hours to render those 10 min sections. Is this about standard when dealing with AE and those particular effects?

      My System info is..

      OS Windows 10

      Asus Prime X299-Deluxe Motherboard

      i9-7900x CPU

      64GB Ram

      1 TB M.2 drive for OS

      GTX 1080 Ti 12GB


      I am thinking its the Graphics card since it isn't listed as supported for Adobe's GPU-Acceleration. Thinking about possibly going to new GTX Titan X and doing SLI.



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