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    New CS3 Web Premium installation same License Problem "No connection"

    simonk43495947 Level 1

      Hi I made all the steps adobe said since they shut off the CS3 License Servers as they are desribed here:
      Error Message when I want to start Photoshop is "Keine Verbindung" (No Connection)
      Aktivierungs- oder Verbindungsfehler, wenn CS3 oder Acrobat 8 gestartet werden
      So I completely removed the CS3 Installation and downloaded the new installation Files Part1 and Part2.
      I made the installation in a seperate folder on D:\... called CS3 folder where I installed both parts, when I now want to start Photoshop or Fireworks there is still exactly the same Error Message as I had with the old installation who was working for Years. I don't have a chance to input the new serial number somewhere. Tried it on the installation by phone space because there is the only way where I can give in a serial but it didn't work.


      What can I do that Phgotoshop and Fireworks CS3 works again please help.


      Thanks Simon