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    Acrobat Pro DC Destinations links


      I'm running Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on Win 7.



      I've created a virtual scrapbook using InDesign which I then converted to a PDF.  In the PDF there are two basic sections the main area which includes the documents you would see when looking at the page.  The second section contains the contents of items on the first page if applicable. For example an event program.  In section One would be the cover page of the program and section Two would have the contents of the program.  I created destinations for each of the documents internal pages.  The first internal page was then linked to the document in section One.  So users can click on the image in section one and then be taken to the first internal page of that document.  The internal page contains a button to return to the image in section one and a next or prior button if there are additional internal documents.



      All the destination links work fine except for two pages in section One which contain four images with these links.  When I click on the image it takes me to another image in section two which is close to the proper Destination but not quite.  I've tried redefining the Destinations but to no avail.  Now if I click on the item in section One and it takes me to the destination that is close but not where it should be and then I pan over to the correct image and then use the return button on the correct destination to get back to the initial image in section one all works fine from then on for all the images on the two pages in section One.  If I save the document or just close it, it seems to reset and when I reopen the document the problem returns.  This has been driving me nuts. I welcome any advice or highlighting when I may be clueless.  Thank you.