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    Undo? Save as? Search?

      Anyone know if Adobe is going to add basic usability tools to Kuler? I really like the concept of it, especially because it's one of the only ones that handle CMYK and work with InDesign, but I get so frustrated at three really fundamental deficiencies:

      1. No Undo/Redo/History
      2. No Save As
      3. No search for a color in existing themes (except exact hex, and it's copy/paste)

      Anyone know of another app that handles CMYK, works with ID, and has those features?

      I'll often start off with a specific color that I need to work with, and I'm looking for other colors to add to the scheme. Often the basic settings of complimentary/triad/etc. aren't enough to get what I need. So I will create a scheme from a color, then try a different setting on one of the colors. That means, of course, you lose what you've already done and you can't save it or you overwrite what you already did. You can't download without saving, so I have to write everything down on paper. I'd try searching through existing themes that use my color if I could do that, but it only supports search by theme name, which is useless in this case, and hex which only works when spot on. And I always dread having to go back one choice or hitting the wrong button.

      Here's to a nice app that could really become a great one. Maybe it's just a side project for a couple programmers, and if so I hope it becomes a standalone app or goes open source.