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    Load Movie and the size of the movie

      We have used loadMovie to load some small SWF files on a home page we have made. The swf files are in different sizes and we need to be able to set the size. How do we do this?
      We hoped the problem was solved with the following code, but this code only sets the size of the variabel "minRamme, the contents are still to big, resulting in only a part of the swf file being visible.
      Anyway the following code doesn't work on the button, but works when the button command is put aside. How come?

      knapp.onRelease = function() {
      minRamme = this.createEmptyMovieClip("clip",0);
      minRamme.loadMovie("ann kristin.swf");
      minRamme.height = 400;
      minRamme.width = 600;
      minRamme._x = 0;
      munRamme._y = 0;

      Thanks in advance!