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    How can I open linked external PDF in existing window (javascript)??


      Hi, all.


      This is my 2nd day fiddling with java script and I would appreciate any help.


      Here is what I want to do...

        Add links on each page which opens an external PDF file in existing window


      Here is the code


      var linkWidth = 36, linkHeight = 18;


      //get target PDF name

      var myname = this.documentFileName;

          myname = myname.slice(0,1);

      var my_target_pdf = myname + " Section illustration.pdf";


      //do it all pages

      for ( var i=0; i < this.numPages; i++)


      var cropBox = this.getPageBox("Crop", i);

      var offsetLink = cropBox[2] - cropBox[0] - linkWidth;

      var linkRect2 = [602,linkHeight+550,linkWidth + offsetLink-32,550];

      var rhLink = this.addLink(i, linkRect2);

      app.openInPlace = true;

      rhLink.setAction("app.openDoc('" + my_target_pdf + "', this);" );




      It links to the external PDF, however it opens new window.

      Also my customer does not want to see security alert when the external PDF opens.

      So I don think I can use launchURL...


      Any help is really appreciated.


      Thank you!