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    Photoshop keyframes have no effect


      Im making a simple Gif like always but now photoshop (CC 2017) keyframes are not working and this pop up is showing up.... help




      Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 23.19.59.png


      And this is the art, i just want to move the lines side to side a bit and by the way those are regular shapes nothing fancy . Its weird i have done tons of Gif but this is a first one.... ALSO i tried making a new file and moving everything there and making a new file and just making any shape but this pop up keep showing up so basically y click the Position Keyframe move the time bar and then move the shape but it doesnt create the 2nd keyframe and so it doesnt move (As warned), my last try was making myself that 2nd keyframe and moving the shape but it doesnt work....And yes i did some other GIF in this PS in this computer (Mac Mini late 2015 with the latest OS)