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    Is there any way to create editable table in a JSX dialog box?

    namodayab94056659 Level 1

      I have created a table in JSX dialog box using multiple column list as follows.

      var dlg = new Window("dialog", "Animation List");
      dlg.frameLocation = [100,100]; // position
      dlg.size = [750, 250];
      //table initailize 
      var w0=150, w1=150 ;
       table = dlg.add ("listbox", {x:20, y:20, width:300, height:150}, undefined, { numberOfColumns:6, showHeaders:true, 
       columnWidths: [w0,w1], 
       columnTitles:["First Name", "Last Name"] });
      table.add("item", "Namodaya"); 
      table.items[0].subItems[0].text = "Balaarachchi";


      Output table:


      But I want to edit the cells in the table. Is there any way to achieve this?