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    New GPU for 2010 Mac Pro??? Need advice please.

    WMK Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm running a mid-2010 Mac Pro 5,1 with an NVIDIA Quadro 4000 GPU, [full specs below].


      I've been told by RedGiant that I need to upgrade my GPU to something that has at least 4GB VRAM in

      order to use many of their apps in a 4K workflow.


      But, after a bit of Googling, I see that this is not such a simple operation.

      As I understand it, there aren't any natively supported Mac GPU's, and people are speaking about

      flashing boards, and who-knows-what.


      I would love some expert advice about which GPU is compatible with my system, and what I'd need to do in order to install it.


      I've seen the Radeon 580 [4GB or 8GB] come up often - but perhaps there are

      better options I'm not aware of.

      Thanks so much in advance.



      8 Core Mac Pro, (Mid 2010) 32GB RAM,

      NVIDIA 4000 CUDA Card

      OSX 10.12.4

      Premiere Pro: 2017.1.2