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    How to export photos originals plus edits from Lr CC to CC Classic?



      I am using Lr CC as the new editing tool to great satisfaction, however I have realised that I need to retain Lr CC Classic to keep my edits (changes on originals) and originals accessible at all times, locally. My workflow on a photoshoot involves (1) importing photos from my several cameras, (2) editing, and (2) producing the results into an album for easy sharing. Then move on to the next photoshoot. However I want to keep the first photoshoot's (retained) originals plus their edits organised and accessible locally, as I had it with Lr CC (now called Classic). How do I prepare a Collection or otherwise in LrCC containing originals plus edits, for importing into Lr CC Classic to achieve my objective as per above? Or are there better suggestions to achieve this?


      Many thks!