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    photoshop fonts not listed in flash

      Hey, I've designed the graphical interface for a website in photoshop and now i'm trying to create animated buttons in flash. trouble is, the font i have used to design the site in PS is not listed in the flash font list. This is the case for lots of different fonts in PS. The original font was TTF so i converted it to OT1 and i've dropped a copy into all the adobe font folders I can find but its still not picking it up. Does flash load its fonts from a specific folder and if so, does anyone know which? I cant figure out why both TTF and OT1 versions of this font are listed in one CS3 app and aren't listed in the other. I've also tried image drag and drop from PS to flash but it just imports the text as a gray box. i'm really stuck here, if anyone has any advice i'd be really grateful. thanks.