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    Script-created Illustrator Palette disappears when in the presence of #include

    A.C. Swift Level 1

      [AI CC 2017 V21.0.0 MAC]


      I am trying to create a custom palette for linking files together, and when I use the palette with #include, it constantly disappears.


      I run the following JSX script from Illustrator with a document open:


      #target illustrator

      #targetengine 'main'

      #include 'functions.inc'


      var windw = new Window( "palette", 'title', undefined );




      It creates a new palette window, and an alert box.


      When I click Okay on the alert box, the palette disappears.


      If I remove the #include, the palette remains visible, after I click Okay.


      Why is the palette disappearing when I use #include?


      It also disappears if I remove both the #include and the #targetengine.