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    Where have my brushes' folders gone?

    ballyd Level 2

      Recently, I downloaded more than 200 brushes, including most of Kyle's brushes, and installed them in Photoshop cc 2018, in their respective folders. I tested and used several of the brushes. After closing and reopening Photoshop, all the downloaded folders were missing from the brushes panel. Only those (4) folders, which opened originally in the panel remain. Can anyone provide any explanation as to what may have caused the disappearance of all the brushes I downloaded and installed?

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          I’ve had exactly the same issue twice. Photoshop crashed , then opened again and all the brushes were gone. The only solution was to re-load the back up of the brushes... form months ago unfortunately.


          This seems to be a bug in Photoshop and looks like it is still not resolved.


          I tried to look for the folder where Photoshop stores the brushes (Mac) but couldn’t find it.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Select the Brush tool and right click inside the document area.

            Click on the Cog icon.

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              alexdavy Level 1

              I've just had the same issue!


              To be clear, this is not a matter of not knowing how to load brushes, it seems to be connected with the Kyle brushes that were recently implemented into CC. Like just now, theyve all vanished! Except...there are ghostly remenements of Kyle brushes 'leftover' in my recently used panel, but not in the main panel??


              so this is what I see now - notice 'General' 'Wet' 'Dry' etc. Anyone who's downloaded all of Kyle's brush packs can see i'm missing hundreds, so why are these ones spared? Why do I still have these ones? I havent saved these as a set theyre just...leftovers from a crash?


              Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.09.05.png


              Try to load them in again, and PS takes you to 'Brushes' where they should be, but theyre gone. There's nothing in 'Tools' either


              Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.09.25.png


              So to add to the mystery, before Kyle became part of Adobe I bought and downloaded 'Brushbox' as a PS plugin, specifically so arrange all of kyle's million_and_one brushes. It worked like a charm, but then of course a month later with the Kyle update to PS we got them arranged anyway, so the developer Derrick Barth had to go update his plugin for us.


              When I use the Brushbox plugin now I can see all of Kyle's brushes still?? So theyre still here just in my plugin not in the main section?



              Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.09.45.png



              So this is basically a lifesaver as i'm in the middle of a deadline. This seems like a bug, and its not really a solution to 'Just download them all again' - It takes ages to download and re-arrange (AND rename because all your brushes start with 'Kyle...' 'Kyle...' 'Kyle...') hundreds of brushes. Seems like a bug to me

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                no reply?????? Please answer. My Brushes folder is empty save the legacy ones I imported.

                I want to run the Oct 2018 upgrade but need to save my custom brushes first (and some I loaded from elsewhere) outside of CC as I gather they disappear (again!) with the update.

                But where are they????


                Help please.

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                  Mushly9 Level 1

                  Thanks but that is MAC and I have windows.


                  in case it helps others:


                  I have been shown a workaround. In CC 2018, in the brush preset manager, you can highlight brushes or folders of brushes by clicking on them and just 'save' them to a file you know. So it doesn't matter if you don't know where they ARE, you know where you copy them too. Worst case scenario, copy them all back in if they disappear.

                  Especially useful for custom brushes created within PS.....