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    Authorized eReader not opening library books


      I keep getting the message that I am not authorized to open the ebooks I get from the library. I only have this issue with library books. I have tried reauthorizing my account with ADE but that hasn't worked. I am using version on my desktop. U have also tried reauthorizing my eReader. Both say they are using the same account. When I open the ebook it says "This book is protected by DRM. Because you previously deauthorized your eReader, you need to re-import the book using Adobe Digital Editions." I tried erasing authorization and setting git up again but it still won't work. Tried different books and libraries but still have a problem. I spoke to Kobo and the library and they said kobo it as ADE problem. I have tried the manual deauthorizing through deleting the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adept .


      Please help I can't use library books because of this!