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    “How-To LAYOUT books” for authors using Adobe products?

    Stephen Lippert

      What a great resource the Adobe Community can be! Tough, technical, detail-specific challenges receive multiple responses--plus even humor and encouragement! Many Community questions/answers are well crafted, application-specific, and well focused.

        I have more big-picture, macro questions. I’m editing/revising/rewriting about 10 Chapters of my draft book. My rewrite incorporates (what I consider) major graphic design elements, color and clip-art into my draft book. I’m considering both digital and printed versions of the book.

          Valerie Kirschenbaum’s book “Goodbye Gutenberg” is my springboard for ideas. Her book considers a younger, ever-changing market to be more responsive to a designer-writer approach--authors who incorporate art, color and layout variety to enhance their written message. I imagine that now also includes audio and video for books! 

          I’m a Mac-user. I’ve been using Indesign and Photoshop for years, plus VERY simple projects in Illustrator. 

          BUT now I’m attempting to layout, design and write my whole BOOK! I’ve picked Adobe products as my project tools, hoping my overall end product will be flexible, editable and technically robust enough for today’s changing market demands.  

         • What’s your experience with this?

         • Are there “How-To LAYOUT books” for wordsmiths you’ve found helpful? I’m looking for a Scott Kelby/Deke McClellan-type book that takes one from start-to-finish book addressing how-to, practical Adobe printing and digital details as it relates to authors/editors.

          • Also any Community observations/experiences about online editing, revisions including highlighting, mark-ups, etc? At which available sites is being done? For many, this online editing area may be yesterday’s news and obvious—not for a relative newbie!

      Thank for ALL responses—laughter and head-shaking also is welcome!