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    Keyboard shortcuts and panels on Windows (CC2018)

    robertl95356010 Level 1

      This is an issue not specific to CC2018 but I thought I should specify that is what I'm currently using.


      I can't be the only guy using CC on Windows 10. For some reason it's like program can't track panel context. So for example if you interact with a sub panel (character, properties, etc) it starts treating the keyboard shortcuts like they're for the application menu. The amount of times I've seen the view menu come down instead of going to the move tool I couldn't say. Or you'll be adjusting text settings in the character panel, hit space and start dragging on the canvas and nothing happens. I find I then need to deselect and then select a layer in the layer panel before it figures out I'm trying to actually do things and starts working normally again. I never had this issue working with Photoshop on OSX and none of the other CC programs seem to have the same problem.


      It is really, really annoying.


      Has anyone else experienced anything similar, and if you have, how did you fix it?