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    After Effects Realistic Snow with CC Snowfall - Dots not Lines!




      Im looking for some advice with making a realistic snow fall effect with CC Snowfall. I will be using the video as projection material for a theatrical performance. The problem that I am running in to is that as soon as I increase the speed of the flakes their shape goes from a dot to a line. As I increase the speed further, the lines become longer and longer, making it look very fake.


      I understand that when you video snowfall it will blur in the camera and turn into lines, however when you see snowfall with your own eyes, it only looks like dots no matter how fast it is moving. Therefore when you project snow on stage if it is moving lines rather than dots, it looks like a  video of snow rather than realistic snow flakes. I have gone as far as I can with the internal settings of CC Snowfall but I can't seem to have it not stretch the flake from a dot into a line.


      Id appreciate any advice!


      Thank you,