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    Acrobat DC and action to save as encrypted

    Paul Chernoff Level 1

      I need to convert a few thousand PDFs to be encrypted (open with no password, print/edit with password). macOS 10.12, Acrobat Pro DC 2015.006.30392. Plug-in PitStop Pro 2017.


      When I run an Action I built I am forced to click on Save button for every f'ing PDF. I have never had to do this before with an action used to batch process files. Really Adobe? How can I build and action to it processes the files without any manual intervention? For the encryption tool the Prompt User checkbox is unchecked. If I check it I am forced to enter a new password.


      Other problem, Acrobat crashes within processing 20 files. Sometimes after 1 file. In general I find this version of Acrobat Pro crashes a lot (a few times a day doing other activities.


      In general, I find Adobe software less stable