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    Font Resize Slider Not Previewing Text Changes!

    LHC Creative Department

      Running Adobe CC 2018 Suite


      The text does not grow or shrink as I click and drag the font size slider back and forth until I actually let go of the mouse. Is anyone else having this problem?


      At this point, I have:

      Created a brand new text box thinking there might be an issue with the text box

      I've "reset character"

      Close/Reopened Photoshop

      Cleared cache

      Reset preference settings

      Restarted the computer

      Uninstalled Photoshop and reinstalled


      Can anyone help? I created the red ellipse using the shape tool and resized the stroke using this method and it worked. Why won't the text size change like this?


      Please let me know if my question isn't clear or if you need more details.