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    Migrating to Application.cfc breaks cferror tags in CF7

    jamest827 Level 1
      Just found this issue, which doesn't seem to be well documented and may come up for people trying to migrate to Application.cfc.

      Seems that a cferror tag in Application.cfc (placed in the CFC initialization code) searches for its template differently from the same cferror tag in Application.cfm.

      In Application.cfm, cferror looks for the template in the top-level directory (where Application.cfm is), while the cfc version takes the directory of the executing page as its current directory.

      I believe that cfinclude and cfmodule tags in Application.cfc initialization code still resolve their template references relative to that location (top-level), as they should.

      Possible workarounds are to set up a CF Mapping (not my choice and not always an option), or to put a handler file of the same name in every directory of the application (probably just put the code in the top-level one, and cfinclude that from all the others). Or, of course, to migrate immediately to an onError handler.

      Anyone know if this cferror behavior still exists in CF8?