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    Radio button based on Check box - PDF acrobat

    rakeshk21205956 Level 1

      I have  two sets of radio button  R1  and R2   and a check box......


      I want  to function them as below:


      If  R1 has two Option   Yes   or No     so if one selects  "yes"  here   and checks the Checkbox  then the same  "Yes"  should be automatically selected in the R2  similarly if in R1 set  "No" is selected then R2 should also be "No".


      Else if check box is not selected.. both Radio buttons can be independently selected .


      I tried it with the following script but it didnot worked:


      if (this.getField("Checkbox").value == "Yes")

      {this.getField("R2").value = this.getField("R1").value;}





      Thanks in advance