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    Help! Pictures colors in pictures change from Lightroom to phone


      Hello, so I finished a photo earlier today and it looks great, when I export it to my desktop it looks fantastic, however when I get it to my phone it looks terrible! The whole image takes this puke green tone and totally ruins the grays and blacks in the picture. How I'm fully aware of the color profile, I've spent the last 3 hours educating myself on these darn color profiles! I promise you it is not, nor has never been, in anything but sRGB. I even brought it to photoshop, converted the profile there, than exported it into sRGB just to be sure. Than I decided I would go straight to my phone by bronging it there via iTunes. No help at all. Every single video, sub Reddit, and website tells me the same silly was to fix it. By making sure that when I export from LR it's in sRGB, and I'm telling you, it is. I'm at my wits end over here. If anyone knows how to actually fix it you will forever be my hero and save my night/my phone from being thrown from my balcony. Thank y'all!