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    CFLAYOUTAREA issues..

      I've been playing around with CFLAYOUTAREA, more specifically placing a WYSIWYG editor within cflayoutarea tags. We looked at cftextarea, but without the ability to inject toolbar config via a tag attribute, it isn't very usefull to an ISV ( can't have customer messing with js config files in a hosted env. ). So, we began integrating TinyMCE into a cflayoutarea tag, and have had no luck getting it to work. No matter what we've tried, TinyMCE defaults to a basic textarea, a sign of something gone wrong in it's JS init phase. We also tried FCKEditor (2.6), and it doesn't function correctly either.

      Has anyone tried something similar?

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          I also have a quirky issue. Where CFLAYOUT is TYPE = TAB and CFSCRIPT is inserted inside 5 individual CFLAYOUTAREA tags to display 5 TABs --- only the First and Last Tabs will display the TAB title Text. The 2nd,3rd, 4th TABS appear but without the Title Text.

          The gotcha here is this only happens in IE. Mozilla and Opera browsers display just fine.

          As far as the CFSCIPT functionality that is called, the scripts run just fine. Very strange. I posted this as a specific topic this past week but no one has responded to date.