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    Krumbling kuler

      Oh my! kuler is krumbling! Unless I switch to Random, I DO NOT get anything (my kuler page loads Newest first) and get an "Error communicating with server". Is this an issue others experience?
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          Yes, I am getting the same message. I can't upload pictures at all, as well. I am a new user so I don't know if this happens frequently or if my computer settings are not right.
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            monstermash Level 1
            same for me. been happening the last couple of weeks or so. very frustrating. can't save any work. what is happening adobe? i'm on vista ultimate/ie7...
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              monstermash Level 1
              looked further in thread and saw kuler clash messages. tried solution but to no avail. 4:05pm est, 5/4/08
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                monstermash Level 1
                oh yes, when first on page, main area is solid black. i get nothing until refresh.
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                  RaymieHumbert Level 1
                  I can still upload pictures.

                  kuler might need a 2.01 to fix the issues.

                  Mac OS X w/ Firefox 3.0b5
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                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                    Hi folks,
                    Thanks for reporting the kuler krumbles. So we can troubleshoot, please respond with the following information:
                    1. O/S version
                    2. Browser(s) version
                    3. Problems you are experiencing
                    * Does it occur when you are logging in, and then you get the error
                    * If you are having trouble uploading an image, please give the file size and type of image (JPEG, etc.).
                    4. Are these new issues? Yes/No

                    When I get the "error communicating" message, especially when I'm browsing themes, usually if I click on the UI I can get it to load, or if I reload the page it's okay. We're trying to figure out what's going on.
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                      r_critchlow Level 1
                      I can't seem to log into kuler at all - at least most of the time.

                      OS: Win XP Pro SP2
                      Browser: Mozilla Firefox
                      Problem: I get the welcome message, then the popup "Error communicating with Server...Please refresh this page".

                      Regardless how many times I refresh, I get the same error.
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                        r_critchlow Level 1
                        Upon further review....

                        I tried this in both Firefox and IE and had the same problem. If I close the page and try reconnecting, I get the error. If I refresh the page (as it suggests) the error returns.

                        However, if I click on the error message it disappears and allows me to navigate the application without restriction. In other words, it appears that this is a false error. I wasted hours on this. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or infuriated. :) Neutral seems the best course...
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                          I am receiving the same error "Error communicating with server. Please refresh the page". This occurrs whenever I click 'save' when trying to create a public or private theme. I refresh the page, lose my theme, have to sign-in again, only to experience the same thing all over again.
                          1. O/S version - Vista
                          2. Browser(s) version - IE7 & Firefox
                          3. Problems you are experiencing (see above)
                          4. Are these new issues? I have only been using this for today and the error displays each time.

                          Thank you.

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                            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                            Hello, I have logged a bug on your Save issue. It might be related to a bug we have with our authentication (it authenticates too quickly), stay tuned. Thanks for your patience.
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                              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                              @ Morin Designs: It's probably not authentication, is this still happening? As a test, can you create another Adobe ID and try and save using that? As a last resort, we might try logging in with your Adobe ID, but let's try this first.
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                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee

                                If you are experiencing frequent "Error communicating with server" messages:

                                - If it happens when you load the kuler site, but have not yet logged in:
                                This is a known bug and is fixed in the upcoming new release.

                                What to do: click on the kuler UI behind the error message, or try clicking on the error message it self. The message should go away, then click on the left navigation somewhere and the rest of the site should load.

                                - If it happens when you are logging in, this is also a known bug and has been fixed for the next release.

                                What to do: No easy solution when I get this (error msg + no password/username found in Sign In area), I end up refreshing or opening another browser and trying again, a mix of things, and eventually I get in. Thanks for your patience on this bad bug.