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    HELP - uploading director site to internet

      I am new to Director (having learnt it within the past 6 months) and am trying desperately to upload my website designed on it to the internet. I've uploaded it to the ftp site of my webhost but the page freezes as soon as it is directed to my website when I google it;


      I have bought webhosting and uploaded both the dcr and html file. Both are named 'default' followed by their program extension.

      Having got in touch with the hosting site and they came back with "We have already added a Mime type on the webserver so that the .dcr file can be seen in your website. However,the site is still not showing up with the content. Can you check the embedding part of this file into your website?"

      I've checked into my control panel and it seems that they added a ".htaccess" file, I assume this is correct?

      Does this mean anything to anyone? I'm completely stumped so any advice would be HUGELY appreciated to get my site up and running.

      Thanks in advance.