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    trying to create a scaleable image...

      I'm trying to create a new patch/emblem for my fire department and drew a maltese cross using vector tools having quite a few lines drawn out to my liking and "connected" to form the maltese cross. That looks just fine. Now here is my delimna....

      I want to be able to scale this maltese cross so I tried things like flattening to create one object and exporting as a Tiff and also JPG and can create a new image and import them and scale them. However, I cannot fill just the inside portion of the maltese cross with a color. I have the canvas with a transparent background (I see the checkerboarding) and the original cross had the inside filled to a solid color with the outside of the cross being transparent as well. But after i import the cross into a new application it has the look of a white background and I cant select just the inside of the cross to change its inner appearance.

      I might be doing this wrong from step one, but hopefully someone can point something helpfull out to me. Once I can get that part taken cared of I can add my additional layers that I already have set up.

      Many thanks in advance!
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          If you drew it with the Pen Tool, you should see new 'Path' layer. Assumming your artwork is a closed Path, select it, and look down in the Properties Inspector- then alter the Fill Color option available for that Path.

          You should also easily be able to Free Transform (Ctrl/Command + T), or Modify > Transform or use the Scale tool on the active Vector object.

          Also no needto Flatten, becuase then you loose the vector editibility and the ease to change Stroke/Fill options of the original object Layer.