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    Lightroom Android color shifting bug

    katrinam26204257 Level 1

      I wonder who is quality testing Lightroom Android? The following issue has been there for a long time, and it is 100% reproducible on any Samsung Galaxy Phone (probably any other Android phone, but I have not tested). I attach a link to youtube video with screencast of my Galaxy Note 8 illustrating this issue.

      The pictures have different color (saturation, etc) depending on if you view them in "rate and review" mode, or "edit" mode. In "edit" mode they become visibly more saturated. Please see the video. November 17, 2017 - YouTube

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          katrinam26204257 Level 1

          not a single reply? No-one is using Lightroom on Android?

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            Are the images that you shot, are they in sRGB or ProPhoto RGB or any other color space other than sRGB?


            The only reason why I ask is that I was noticing the same thing — inside Google Photos. Images that I have edited and exported from Lightroom and then later uploaded to Google Photos, would have the color shift as your video demonstrates because I was exporting out in ProPhoto RGB.


            I just tried to replicate your issue on a Pixel 2 and I am not able to recreate the color shift problem. I tested on both RAW (Nikon NEF) and on JPEG. Granted the JPEG's are coming straight from camera (Fuji) and shot in sRGB. I would recommend that you double check your JPEG export settings.

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              katrinam26204257 Level 1

              I am talking here about color shifts within LR app itself, between its own view modes, not about exported pics, viewed in other apps. I shoot raw and it happens both with raw and jpeg images. What is amazing is that this is 100% reproducible in any Samsung Galaxy phone (probably all Android, but not tested), and nobody cares...  Can you please confirm that you see my issue on your phone and what model you are using?


              I am sorry, but the issue you describe is totally different, and 100% expected. Android is not a color managed OS, so if you export any other color space than sRGB, and try to view in Android, you are bound to have distorted colors, since Android treats every image as sRGB.

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                I am having the exact same issue on my galaxy S7 edge and Galaxy Tab s 10 and I am at a loss. Were you able to find a fix at all? It's incredibly frustrating having to lug my laptop around everywhere because I can't do basic adjustments accurately on the tablet or phone.

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                  katrinam26204257 Level 1

                  There is no fix until Adobe at least acknowledges the issue. They seem very strangely reticent about it. I filed two Android LR issues in separate threads here at these forums, and they replied and finally fixed the usability one, but this one they are just plain ignoring. I say this is outrageous, given that it is a complete showstopper for photographers.

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                    Arnab Sil Adobe Employee

                    Thanks katrinam26204257 for creating a dedicated thread for the issue, as communicated over email we will be investigating the issue and provide you updates on email / post here once the issue is resolved.

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                      katrinam26204257 Level 1

                      Let us start by at least acknowledging that the issue exists. Can you replicate it on your Android phones? It would be interesting to know which phone models Adobe tests on. =)

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                        I have the same issue!! I have the Samsung Galaxy s8. It drives me mad. When any photo in any catalog on leave mobile loads it's is highly over saturated. And this is not an issue with my phone display. Have you discovered any answers to this outside of not having an Android?? Which is total crap. Does Adobe favor iPhone?

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                          katrinam26204257 Level 1

                          Hi, thank you for corroborating this issue. I assume, it affects at least all Samsung Galaxy phones, quite possibly all Android devices. This raises a few questions.

                          1/ what is Adobe quality team doing there if it can miss show-stopper bugs like this?

                          2/ I reported this issue to Adobe staff directly HALF A YEAR AGO! How is it possible for them to have been ignoring this bug up till now? They have not gone thus far so as to at least  acknowledge its existence, and confirm they can reproduce on their devices!

                          Then, it is a fact that Adobe favours iphone: LR works better on IOS and has less bugs there. LR performance on Note8 (current best Android phone) lags behind iphone X quite perceptibly.

                          Finally, Adobe never addressed or even cared  to mention the issue of Samsung Amoled screens that produce color-inaccurate image in LR in any other display mode but "Basic". In default "Adaptive" display mode, same as in "amoled photo" all images in LR are badly oversaturated, even without the bug we discuss here. Adobe could have provided correct calibration for "Amoled photo" mode, covering Adobe RGB color space, but such innovations we can only dream about.

                          The bottomline: it is impossible to get a color accurate workflow on Android now, so the only option for a serious photographer is to use IOS.

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                            Same problem - very frustrating to edit photos in LR on my laptop, and then get a strange over saturated photo on my Android mobile device.


                            I can't figure out how to sync

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                              I still have the same issues. Varying saturation between modules edit / catalog on android using s8 plus. Also using anything but basic display mode shows images oversaturated. I do enjoy using cc on mobile and think these issues need addressed.