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    Adobe application manager missing or damaged and IMSLib not found

    angelinainc Level 1

      Yesterday I started getting 2 pop up messages when I opened my Adobe Acrobat DC (my OS is Windows 10) - Adobe application manager is missing or damaged and Installation problem: IMSLib not found.  I was able to close those error messages and continued working in the PDF file but every time I opened a new one, the messages popped up again.  I called Adobe support today.  They helped me clean and uninstall my existing version of Acrobat (purchased last year) and when we tried to re-install it with the serial number, it said my serial number was not valid.  We downloaded a trial version but when the program opens, I get the same 2 error messages and I can't use the program at all.  The technician didn't know what to do next, so they referred me to the forum.  Any thoughts?