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    PS Elements 6


      I bought Elements 6 quite a while ago. In the past few years it mysteriously stopped working on my laptop - it would not open and it would not uninstall. VERY frustrating. I just purchased a new computer yesterday but it does not have an optical drive. However, the Adobe website says you can download and use your serial numbers for 7 and on. What about 6?? I've really missed being able to use this software (haven't been able to for years now) and I have no interest in buying a completely new Adobe product when I already paid money for this one. Has anyone encountered this or know of something I can do?


      Sidenote - this is a terribly designed forum! I spent nearly 15 minutes just trying to find how to post and I am a forum administrator on another website. In my frustrations I kept finding help threads of people equally confused and frustrated by the forum itself and many threads were closed years ago with thousands of views and zero 'likes'. That is concerning.


      But I digress - any help with my PS Elements 6 is greatly appreciated. Having just spent money on a new computer, I am not interested in paying to replace a product I already own.

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          There are no download links for PSEv.6.

          If you have the original disk for the software, copy it to a thumb drive on another computer, then install via USB on your new machine.

          Whether it will work on a modern operating system is problematic.

          Shop around in the big box stores and at Amazon as you may be able to purchase the program at a good price around the holidays.

          Good luck.

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            trace-face Level 1

            So I discovered this morning. Most disappointing.


            I do have the original disc; it's likely 10 years old but I've keep good track of these things! I'll have to see about trying your idea. It did occur to me that it may be possible to get the exe files and such on here through a different means, but I've never personally done it.


            I'll see if we can make that work and appreciate the suggestion. I was really looking forward to finally using it again so this hiccup has been frustrating. If nothing works, guess I'm at square one.



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              hatstead Adobe Community Professional

              You're welcome. Glad to help.