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    Fireworks alternative

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      With my newest computer neither CS4 or CS5 applications function anymore. First I made the mistake of using the migration assistant to go from old mac to new mac and because adobe is lame this came across with a glitch that Im not able to get rid of even though I deleted the install, downloaded the software again from adobe and entered my serial numbers. Still got the same error message.


      Contacted adobe and they said, oopsie, legacy software no longer supported and does not work with newer mac computers. And offered no solution to the problem other than me having to spend more money.


      now I have literally hundreds of legacy fireworks layered and paged files and its seems nothing can open them. I still have the old imac on which I can open the files in fireworks and save out literally thousands of pages as PSD layer files. did I say tedious? In estremis.


      So, can anyone recommend an alternative to fireworks that preserves layers and files? Its my understanding adobe has no alternative and is dumping or has dumped fireworks. Affinity software can open my PSDs and illustrator files but so far cant open fireworks layered and paged files.


      Im stumped. to best of my knowledge there is NO software that can open fireworks layered and pages files. Maybe Im out of the loop? Ideas?

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          A late answer, but perhaps it might still be helpful. As you state, nothing but Fireworks opens layered PNG files. Nor would it really be possible for any third-party developer to maintain all effects and curves without spending a large amount of time and energy on reverse engineering the undocumented Fireworks layered PNG format and translating those to native features. Adobe never published any information related to the proprietary file format.


          Fireworks does still work on Windows, though. What you could do is install a virtual machine with an older version of Windows installed, and install Fireworks in that environment. That makes it possible to run Fireworks on your new Mac, and you'd be able to open your Fireworks source files. Windows & Fireworks would be running in a window on your desktop.


          To learn more about this method, read the following article: https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/mac-software/best-virtualisation-app-run-windows-on-you r-mac-boot-camp-vmware-paralle…

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