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    Installation Support - Phooey!!!


      Adobe India (their support branch) - I have a current nightmare situation going with them, and Adobe U.S.A.. my hard drive crashed. I replaced it, downloaded CS5, legal, and could not access it as my new hard drive did not have an older recognizable version on it.  I have a PC system (not Apple) .  I went to Adobe Support online. I was told that Adobe no longer supports installation of CS5. I asked when they stopped this support for CS5.  The response? This morning. They would not budge, but they referred me to this site. Initial response was slow coming. I sent the requested additional information weeks ago. Nothing. Meanwhile I read that Adobe has given installation support to a customer with CS3!!! AND Amazon is selling CS5.


      Why would anyone in their right mind buy CS5 when Adobe India has told me that they do not support its installation issues anymore??? As a 20 year plus Adobe customer, with all legal original purchase and upgrades, I am truly disappointed in their new, money-grubbing support policies, OR did Adobe India lie to me?  Either way, I now considerthem to be “low-lives” which is so sad as I can remember when I had to call them in the past and was given cheerful support by a great support staff.  How far Adobe has fallen!


      It is difficult to find the support chat link let alone a telephone number.  I am very disappointed with Adobe.  Their current support system is not user friendly.  All it takes is a simple code number and they would have a happy customer.  As it is they have me fighting mad.

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you have an upgrade version of CS5, then it will ask you for a qualifying product serial number for CS2 through CS4 and it will then activate. If you did not register your product serial numbers with them or store the numbers in a safe place, then they can't help you.

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            Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            CS5 is no longer being sold. For that matter, even CS6 is no longer offered. If you find someone selling a perpetual version of Photoshop, there is somewhere between a 99.95% and 100% guarantee it’s fraudulent.


            The activation servers for old CS programs (CS3, CS2) have been taken down, and new installers and activation are provided to previous customers. CS4 will likely be next.


            Anyway, do you have a serial number for your copy of CS5? If you do, Adobe chat can still reset the activations, so you can install on a “new” system. Simply tell Adobe chat that some computer hardware failed and you are unable to deactivate, thus you need the activations reset. If chat won’t help you, check back and I’ll try to get someone at Adobe to help.



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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              It's quite wrong to say that CS5 support ended this morning. It was actually many years ago - five years after first release. Such misinformation does lead me to wonder if you got hold of the "real" Adobe. There are many fake support organisations who have dubious motives, and if you struggled to find the support number, maybe you googled and got a fake. Not that Adobe will help you if you didn't register your older versions of course.

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                davescm Adobe Community Professional

                Can you sign in to your account - go to products and see your serial numbers there (provided you registered when you first installed) ? I just checked, my serial numbers for CS2 onwards are all shown. For CS and backwards I would need to go to the boxes .


                As gener7 said, it sounds like you have an upgrade version which on installation will also need you to input the serial number for the previous version which qualified you for the upgrade.



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                  gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  There is a way to unlock the CS5 upgrade if the qualifying serials can't be located.

                  if you can find a support tech that knows how, but they would want evidence of ownership.


                  Error: "This serial number is not for a qualifying product" | Adobe Creative Suite


                  This section:


                  Contact Adobe Customer Care for help unlocking your serial number.


                  If you can't resolve the issue, follow the steps below to contact us for help.

                  Important:  We can unlock your serial number after we first verify that you qualify for the upgrade. When you contact us, be at your computer to complete the following upgrade verification workflow.



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