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    Launching Photoshop CS6 - The system cannot find the file specified.


      Whenever I launch the 64 bit version of Photoshop CS6 (Up to date) I get a dialogue box that says "The system cannot find the file specified."


      All I can do is click on 'OK' to make it go away but the application never launches. 32 bit version works but not 64 bit.


      I am also Domain joined.  I tried uninstalling my antivirus.  I've also reinstalled several times, trying various different methods such as the CC cleaner utility.


      I tried to reinstall using Creative Cloud.  That just installed that latest CC 2018 version which didn't have any problems opening up.  I've seen others have resolved the issue by upgrading to Windows 10.  I'd rather not do that at the moment if possible. 


      It would be great to get a solution to this.