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    Error 1069

      My application is on flex builder 2 and while running the application, i am getting the following error only in some machines. This error is not reproducible in many machines and thus not able to understand whats going on?
      I click on some link and come to this screen but before displaying the screen, it throws some flash errors and then display the screen. The scenario is that in the screen there are certain attributes which are null in the database and while fetching, if the code see it is null, it displays the message, No data Found.

      Few attributes have some values which are displayed and for few of thm, no data found is displayed.

      Could anyone let me know what could be the reason for this error?
      Reference Error #1069: Property checkLabelOfLinkButton not found on Main and there is no default value
      followed by some other set of errors.

      In this case "checkLabelOfLinkButton " is a function in the script and Main is my Main.mxml application.