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    .lrlightroom file doubling my storage needs?


      Hi folks,


      New to the forum.  I've been using LR 1 through 4 forever, but recently made the jump to the new version of LR CC -- using an iMac I bought new in early 2017.  After downloading and importing my 270-ish GB  worth of photos, my computer almost immediately started running slow.  Did some digging and found out that I jumped from a photos folder worth 270 GB to nearly half a TB.  I found a single file -- the cataloge file named Lightroom Library.lrlibrary -- that's a little more than 200 GB. 


      What's going on?  Does that file somehow include all or some of the photos I imported?  It's basically doubling the size of my photos folder, so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong, and how to do it right/better. 


      I did search Google and this forum, but apologies if I missed an obvious answer somewhere. 


      Thanks in advance,